Creative rant

I normally have mental breakdowns on weekends because I don’t get anything done I do everything last minute so yesterday I wrote a lot of words and quotes onto my calendar and it actually has a system below are the things I do not have and above are my strengths and activities a do a […]

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What are you thankful for? That I now wake up at 5am and 8am on weekends-super excited for the day. I don’t know how and why. I have enough to eat and that I can eat whatever I want ,whenever I want. Inspiring and creative videos among with amazing music. What would make today great? […]

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3 Snippet

Hi I wrote about 3 journals so far and I today I took the time today writing something into it again + to you too❦ I’m not even going to deny that I am such a people pleaser it’s because I thought that’s a good thing! I was really selfish in the past until I […]

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Yes you heard it. I’m the kind of person that changes blogs like clothes just because I give up on things instead of fixing them but don’t worry guys I changed that. I got hit in the face this week by the reality. Ok I just got an E in a math test and it’s just because […]

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2 BAD VIBES x Current situation

I’m sick and tired. Of everything. Of me being so lazy, constantly tired and annoyed of all the shit that’s happenin around me and most of all that I’m allowing it sinking into myself. An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world […]

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NOTE: not the final edit (ig:wihtelife) I went through this stage so many times. Year for year of having that big lack of motivation to workout but what makes it more worse was probably eating whatever I saw. Not whatever I wanted. I mean, do you really want to eat this bag of chips OR […]